What should I prepare?

  • Product photo (format: JPEG; suggested dimension: 1280 px for minimum Width, 800px for minimum Height)
  • Company’s logo (format: .PNG/.EPS/.AI/.CDR)
  • Address of your Facebook page. We need to be able to access your Facebook page to run your Facebook and Instagram campaign. If your business doesn’t have one, we would be happy to sign you up.
  • Website address. We need your website address (if you have one) to direct your would-be customers after they click on your ads. If you don’t have one, we could direct them to your Facebook page or Instagram account.

When will my ad’s going to show?

We need about a week to prepare the ads after we receive the materials from you.

Where will I see my ads?

Your ads will appear on:

  • Timeline, on hundreds and even thousands of personal Facebook accounts of your would-be customers (desktop & mobile).
  • On the right sidebar of Facebook (sponsored column) on hundreds and even thousands of personal Facebook accounts of your future customers.
  • Instagram Feed of hundreds and even thousands of your future customers.
  • Hundreds of website/blogs, that provides ad space. For example: kapanlagi.com, kaskus.co.id, kompas.com, and hundreds of many other web/blogs.
  • Hundreds of mobile apps, that provides ad space. For example: BBM, OLX, Photo Editor, Duel Otak, Meme Generator, PicsArt, Plant vs. Zombie, and many other apps.

Who will see my ads?

Every user of Facebook and Instagram. Also, every person accessing the Internet that would be streamlined to your predetermined market criteria.

How can I determine my target market?

You can start by answering the questions below:

  • Location. Can you estimate the location of your customers? You can name the city or country (can be more than one).
  • Age range between 18-65. In what range of age are your customers going to be?
  • Who are your customers? Male, female, or both?
  • What language will your customers use in their daily life?

Why is it better for me to have online ads?

You know why 😉
Internet is on everybody’s hands now. It’s information on your fingertips.